La Bande à Gro's marriages are selected after an in-depth study of the lineages.
the goal is to obtain American Shepherds that are similar to  Australian Shepherds from which they are descended.
parents are fully tested for genetic diseases known in the breed. they are also x-rayed.

They were born in my bedroom so that the mothers can be quiet for the first few weeks. then, they enter the living room to discover daily life. when the weather permits, they access the terrace to enjoy the fresh air and get to know the rest of the troop while remaining sheltered in their park.

 it is only from the 6th or 7th week that they will be able to play with the older children if they are not too brutal.

each of our puppies go with :

- a puppy kit : Food, collar, leash, natural treats, parents tests and you receive by WhatsApp his own pictures for his birth to departure 

- a receipt

- microship certificat

- export pedigree 

- passport

Puppies are regularly dewormed . they have a thermoship , receive all vaccinations . They are feed with quality dry food and meat.  So , at home, you can choose the best way you think for them .

puppies price 

Expect a price between 2700€ and 3200€ for export . 

because the most time they are for show and breeding and also because the puppy must be 4 months before flying with passport, 2 vaccinations + rabies, passport, export pedigree . 

let me know which puppy you  look for , I  find you the best !

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